Friday, August 3, 2012

World's Largest Burger

The title for world's biggest hamburger has moved back to the epicenter of burgerdom — the United States. Read on for details on this beef behemoth aptly named the "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger."

Photo Credit Bill Mealbach
As tall as a toddler and heavier than a full-grown human, the world's largest burger is available for purchase at Mallie's Sports Bar in Southgate, MI.
Record holder: Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill

Location: Southgate, Michigan

With 24 hours' notice and a mere $400, you and a hungry pack of your closest friends, relatives, and/or neighbors can sit down to the world-record-breaking "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" at Mallie's Sports Bar in small-town Michigan. The 134-pound burger (post-cooking weight), topped with cheese, bacon, and all the fixings, is housed in a giant 50-pound bun and measures two feet in diameter. The record-breaker joins the ranks of Mallie's other big burgers, which weigh in at 12, 6, and 1/2 pounds.
To date, only a few parties have been brave enough to order this gigantic ground-beef creation. Recently, a group of thirty journalists gave it a shot, but according to Mallie's manager, Lisa, they barely made a dent in the "very tasty" burger.

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