Thursday, August 23, 2012

optical design

1. Use #2 pencil.
Draw 9+ vertical waves. Alter space and curves

2. Draw a wave across.

3. Use thin Sharpie.
Draw upward curves above the middle wave.
Draw downward curves below the middle wave.

Every next curve starts at a previous line.
Alter the distance between the curves.

4. Complete the entire section.

5. Complete the entire design.

6. Color each section gradating color from dark to light to dark.

7. Use an analogous color and apply same gradation pattern.

8. Add another analogous color or repeat the first one.

Keep coloring!

9. Use different colors for the next section.
This is how you color:
  • shade lightly the entire shape with a color of your choice
  • shade full strength - leaving a small area in the middle
  • use white pencil to blend the middle part
  • use black or a darker color to blend the sides of the shape.


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