Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inspiring furniture Design

Hi there ! It's been so long since i updated my last post. So here we go, my newest post ;)
Enjoy !

Artist and furniture maker Greg Klassen turns ordinary tables into spectacular geological formations by intricately carving rivers and lakes into blocks of wood.

He starts with slabs of discarded maple wood. Most people would dream of putting two shoddy pieces of scrap wood together...but Klassen sees potential.

Using cardboard, he stencils out a shape and his vision comes together.

But what will fill the space between?

Klassen makes a template that lines up to the varied edges perfectly.

...and fills it with glass, forming a beautiful still river.

This finished piece was turned into a hanging sculpture...but then he had another idea!

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s lush landscape and scenic views, the craftsman decided to recycle discarded trees and gives them new meaning by making them into furniture with his river touch.

He works with the natural curves of the wood to form a winding path of a river, or the crystalline depths of a lake.

Klassen then hand-cuts a sheet of blue glass to fit the pattern, making the piece look like a miniature landscape with a river cutting through it.

The process may appear simple, but it’s this tiny design adjustment that has made Klassen’s artworks a cut above the rest.

You can see more of Klassen’s works here, and his furniture is all available for purchase through his online store.

taken from : news.distractify.com