Thursday, August 2, 2012

Forest Piano

 Have you heard of  Forest Piano ? They are piano musics mixed with beautiful nature sounds. For examples birds chirping, water flowing gently and wind that blows slowly. They are all mixed together-- Creating a relaxing music...Forest Piano is yet calm to hear and also can be used for meditating... My mom played forest piano when i was small even until today. I collect many forest piano CDs.

   One of the forest piano player is Dan Gibson. He plays piano perfectly and thus creating a soft yet calm piano music.If you want to hear one of his musics, you may want to search him on YouTube.

                                           Here are my favourite pieces of forest piano :

                          Dan Gibson - A Path to Solitude

0:00 / 6:48
                          Dan Gibson-Beauty Abounds
0:00 / 6:22

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