Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hello my fellow blog readers ! Me and my family wish you all a very merry christmas and may God bless you and your family. Hope you can enjoy this christmas with lots of love with your family and friends and may you can share laughters :)

Today i'm going to post about DIY Christmas Ornament taken from iVillage.com :)

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Winter Wonderland Ornament

Why we love it: The sparkling snowy winter scene captured inside this clear ball ornament evokes lovely images of a white Christmas.

What you need: White fine glitter or sugar; small brush tree; clear ball ornament; and adhesive putty or white Plasticine

How to make it: Dip or brush glue onto tree and saturate with white glitter or sugar. Allow to dry completely. Remove hook from ornament and set aside. Trim wooden stand on tree so it’s small enough to fit inside the opening of the ornament. Apply putty or Plasticine to the bottom of the stand and gently insert tree through the opening of the ornament. Press firmly against the bottom of the ornament so putty adheres to it. Using a paper funnel, pour glitter or sugar through the opening of the bulb until desired height of snow is achieved. Place hook back onto ornament and admire your handiwork!

For more detailed information, visit Craftberry Bush.

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