Friday, December 21, 2012

Creative Chandeliers

taken from : http://www.flooringhunt.com/creative-chandeliers/

Below are some non-traditional materials used in chandeliers:
Cups and Saucers
Tea cups and saucers in all sorts of sizes but all in shades of white are used in this creation of Rebecca Wilson that shows unmatched simplistic beauty in everyday objects. This delicate chandelier is made up of bone white china suspended by strands of fiber optic cables connected with a LED light source within a lightweight rosette fitting attached in the ceiling.

The Wire Chandelier
Inspired by beautiful chandeliers from famous brands such as Swarovski and McHale’s, this tough and trendy creation is fit to hold bulbs as well as tapered candles and would sit elegantly with posh homes, minimalist abodes and even bare shacks. However, with a commanding price of $2000, you might want to put it somewhere more appropriate than the last one.

The Tide Chandelier
No need to be confused, there’s nothing really special about the name of the chandelier other than the fact that this creation by London-based designer Stuart Haygath was made entirely from various materials allegedly washed over the shores of Kent. Another article claims that it is named so because of the shape of this massive lighting fixture that has a whopping diameter of no less than 5 feet.

The Antler Chandelier
These antler chandeliers can either be made from authentic antlers or a its ceramic reproduction. A piece like this can go both for traditional rustic or modern stylish looking homes and with a wide price range from a couple of hundreds to a thousand or more and with different designs to choose from, we’re pretty much sure anyone will find something to suit their preferences.
The Gummy Bear Chandelier
Take note, these gummy bear chandeliers are not edible so if you are tempted to grab one hanging from the ceiling, better drop the idea. These one-inch candy colored babies are actually made up of acrylic and the lighting fixtures are manufactured by a company called Jellio which offers off-the-wall design like Gummi Glasses and Rubik’s Cube tables.

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