Monday, September 12, 2011

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Level Up: Sloped Hillside Home has Super-Slanted Floors
sloped home interior design
Stairs and ramps have slopes and slants, but building floors are precision-tuned to be as flat as they can be constructed … right? This topsy-turvy rural dwelling inverts tradition and flips our architectural expectations upside-down – or at least sets them sharply on edge (Photos by Ester Havlova).
sloped home design diagram
Usually, building a hillside home means compensating for the exterior slopes – finding places where the natural environment can be adjusted to fit the needs of our flat-footed species.
sloped home hillside exterior
In this case, however, Sepka Architects (with client consent) worked with rather than against the grain of the surrounding topography and made most of the interior spaces steeply sloped just like the surrounding landscape.
sloped home interior photos
This vertigo-inducing design strategy was influenced by some programmatic demands – such as the need to plan for a small movie theater – but is clearly and simply also a designer experiment: what would life be like, after all, if we did not occupy the flat surfaces of our houses that we take for granted?
sloped home living bedroom design
Working upward through the spiral of angled floors, residences pass storage, cooking and sleeping areas that prove exceptions to the rule. Nonetheless, most of the floor space is slanted at angles sure to appeal to the children living and playing along them.
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